Market Report

Market Report


After heightened and frenzied activity throughout 2015-2017, the Whistler real estate market has now entered a period of stabilization, with a cooling of market activity. Over the course of 2018, the volume of transactions dropped by 26% YOY and are at consistent levels seen prior to the peak of the Whistler market cycle in 2015-2017; the pace at which activity dropped was accelerated in the 3rd and 4th quarters by a rise in interest rates and new mortgage approval rules began to dampen buyer enthusiasm locally, regionally and nationally.

The total value of transactions reported to the Whistler Listing System for 2018 was approximately $828 million, down 18.2% YOY. However, despite a slowing in transactional activity, the average property value in Whistler has continued to increase to $1,250,168 – an increase of 7.5% from 2017.

Single Family Homes and Large Townhomes: Family oriented accommodation continued to attract strong interest; however, the scarcity of opportunities and higher average price points mitigated the amount of demand. As such, average values for single-family home transactions in 2018 only appreciated by approximately 2.5%.

Condominiums and Townhomes (with nightly rentals): Increased international awareness as a result of the Vail purchase as well as the success of the community in significantly increasing overnight guests to the resort created strong interest from both traditional real estate investors and leisure-buyers looking to offset their personal usage with rental income. Overall, the average transaction value for condominiums in Whistler increased by just over 11% to $664, 390 while the average townhouse transaction value increased by 33% to $1, 526,168 in 2018. Accounting for 67% of market activity and 56% of the total market value, the condominium and townhouse sectors represent the majority of the transactions in the Whistler real estate marketplace.

Luxury Market (properties in excess of $2million): This continues to be a strong part of the Whistler market and, with 119 total transactions, activity remained very consistent as compared to 2017. Overall these sales represent 18% of all transactions and approximately 48% of the total transaction value. The average transaction value for this segment was $3,363,000, down slightly from the previous year.

Many properties in Whistler are now valued and selling in excess of $1,000 a square foot, which places our real estate market on par with most of the elite ski resorts in North America – the Canadian below par dollar offers good value to international buyers compared to their domestic markets.

Going into 2019, we expect the Whistler real estate market to operate under more balanced conditions, with limited appreciation in price levels with the exception of some niche offerings experiencing pent up demand and limited historic inventory. As popularity in Whistler as a resort continues to grow, we expect to observe a continued supply of demand and buyers looking to benefit from their investments. As such, supply and demand will direct pricing in the year ahead.

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We are dedicated to keeping abreast of our market to ensure we provide you with a well-informed, and current strategic view of investment potential and advice on your purchase or sale. If you have questions, or would just like to chat about the current market, please email us or call 604-932-7670 any time.


The Whistler real estate market experienced another active year in 2017, resulting in significant price increases in most sectors and over one billion dollars of transactions. Despite the total reported sales falling below 2016, strong buyer interest continued to drive valuations.

Total transactions decreased by 16.2% compared to 2016, however this was more than offset by a 26% increase in the average transaction price (currently $1,163,392 compared to $901,451 at the end of 2016). The first half of 2017 was particularly strong due to a peak in buyer interest however as the number of properties offered for sale continued to decline market activity slowed.

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2016 marked one of the most active years on record with over $1 billion worth of sales driven by significant price appreciation across all major segments; overall transaction volume increased YOY by 22% and YOY value by 12.6% to $901,765.

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The Whistler real estate market has seen continued growth for the past 5 consecutive years in both sales activity and sales value; the most recent data indicates market conditions have returned to those prior to the financial collapse in 2008/2009.

The resort’s continued efforts in positioning Whistler as a diverse, year-round destination has resulted in ongoing growth in Whistler real estate demand; low interest rates, a favourable Canadian dollar, and an active real estate market in the Greater Vancouver area are all contributing factors to the upward pressure on prices across all market segments.

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